The Dunbar Men of Amherst

A List of Dunbar-Amherst Men, Classes of 1892 through 1961

Based on my research, I believe all of the men below attended both Dunbar High School in Washington, D.C. and Amherst College in Massachusetts. I hope one day, I (or a future scholar) could create data visualizations for this project. In the future, it would also be ideal to verify which ones did or did not graduate. My findings suggest that only three from this list may not have graduated (*) but there may be others. I used a ??? for an alumnus that still needs to be verified as a Dunbar-Amherst man.

Feel free to the view the spreadsheet I used to collect and organize these individuals and their information throughout the semester. Please excuse any disorganization! 

William Tecumseh Sherman Jackson ‘1892 (not a Dunbar graduate, but an alumnus of Amherst and a principal of Dunbar, 1906-1909)

Robert Nicholas Mattingly ’06

James LeCount Chestnut ’07

James Blaine Hunter ’09

John Pinkett ’11

*Edward Gray ’12

Charles Hamilton Houston ’15

Francis Dent ’16

Frederick Allen Parker ’20

Robert Percy Barnes ’21

Charles William Lewis ’23

William Montague Cobb ’25

Mercer Cook, Sr. ’25

William Henry Hastie ’25

Charles Drew ’26

Thurman Luce Dodson ’26

Chauncey Larry ’27

Clarence White ’28

Harold Over Lewis ’29

David Utz ’29

George Wiliams ’29

*Harry Greene Risher ’34

*Highwarden Just ’40

*John Hurst ’43

Mercer Cook, Jr. ’51

Ralph Edward Greene ’56 ???

Karl Sinclair Atkinson ’56

Harold Cornelius Haizlip ’57

Robert Stewart Jason ’59

Raymond Lewis Hayes ’59

Lawrence Burwell ’59

Mansfield Castleton Neal ’61